The Many Causes of Infertility

You may be asking yourself: can acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treat the underlying cause of my fertility concerns? How can this treatment really provide a solution to so many fertility related disorders? Aren’t these disorders so varied that they require an equally varied number of treatments? How can acupuncture and TCM treat such seemingly unrelated issues such as fibroids and high FSH? We will try to explain.

The causes of infertility are varied. Some infertility issues are complex and chronic.  Some fertility matters simpler and of shorter duration. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine address the underlying causes of human disorders including infertility. Generally, acupuncture and TCM seek to rebalance the body and to strengthen the various body systems.

Acupuncture itself can have a dramatic effect on many physiological factors. For example, acupuncture can affect the production and sensitivity to hormones. Another example is that acupuncture can alter the production and sensitivity to neurotransmitters.

TCM and the various modalities and treatments used by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have been proven to work (whether you believe in acupuncture or not!).

A properly educated and experienced practitioner will address the route cause of your disorder. The practitioner will create a unique treatment plan based on your unique needs. This plan considers both the specific disorder (the reason you are attending) and your general health and well-being. No two individuals will ever receive exactly the same treatment plan from an experienced and properly educated TCM practitioner. As your treatment progresses (and as a bonus), you may find that other unrelated chronic issues seem to clear up. This is not specifically the goal, but this is completely normal.

What Fertility Disorders Have You Treated?

Our experienced practitioners have treated many fertility related disorders including:

  • endometriosis

  • fibroids (uterine fibroids)

  • premature ovarian failure (POF)

  • chronic pain syndrome

  • Male factor infertility

  • high FSH levels

  • infertility

  • gynaecological conditions and concerns such as irregular menses

  • menopause (early onset) and perimenopausal syndrome

  • menstrual cramps

  • pelvic inflammatory disease

  • polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

  • premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

  • recurrent miscarriage

 For further reading on the subject of acupuncture we recommend the book “Acupuncture for Everyone”, by Dr. Ruth Kidson. This book is available for sale in our clinic, or by phone at 416-532-9094 or email. We can arrange to have a copy delivered to you.

Many insurance companies cover a portion of the cost of acupuncture. Be sure to check with your plan administrator for details.

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Jonah Arnold