Landmark Vitamin Discovery Could Prevent Miscarriages And Birth Defects

Recently we reported on a discovery made by scientists at the Victor Chang Institute in Australia. This discovery has the potential to prevent miscarriages and birth defects across a broad cross-section of the population around the world. We decided to dig a little deeper.

Scientists called the breakthrough research,

“The most important discovery for pregnant women since folate”

Scientists at the institute in Sidney discovered that a deficiency in the vital molecule known as NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) can prevent a fetus’ organs from properly developing. Here is the simple explanation of the mechanism. Environmental and genetic factors can cause a disruption to NAD production, which in turn may lead to a deficiency, which in turn prevents proper development.

The NAD deficiency may lead to miscarriage, or may actually stop an embryo from properly forming. This in turn may lead to heart, kidney, spinal, bony and cartilage tissue formation issues (such as cleft palate).

The scientists amazingly discovered both the cause of these malformations and miscarriage and the simple cure!

Women can essentially cure the deficiency by taking a simple vitamin during pregnancy: B3, or niacin.

Typically, Total Wellness Centre recommends trying to get as many vital nutrients from your diet as possible. However, in certain instances the simple taking of supplements can so drastically affect the outcome of a pregnancy. In this case, we must strongly consider what the research is telling us. Visit or doctor or other health care practitioner first, and ask him or her if you should be taking vitamin B3 to prevent organ malformations during pregnancy.