Male Infertility & TCM

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture are effective in the treatment of all types of male fertility disorders, including partial male tube blockages, sperms problems including low or no sperm counts, poor sperm motility (the ability to move), and abnormally shaped sperm.


Fertility - Not Just a Female Problem

About 35-40% of fertility problems can be traced to male sided factors. It makes sense to consider treating the man, given male factors affect the outcome in as many cases as female factors.


Get to the Route of the Issue

Traditional Chinese medicine treats the whole person, and can often resolve male factor infertility quickly, safely and effectively. If you and your partner are trying naturally, or are undergoing assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), intracervical insemination (ICI), or in vitro fertilization (IVF), it is important to ensure male factors are fully accounted for.