What You Think Of As A Normal Cycle May Not Be Normal


Think a 28-day cycle is the norm? Think again…

Many women are taught a 28-day menstrual cycle is the standard cycle. However, this is a myth that may be leading many women to experience needless stress and anxiety.

Cycles vary from month to month and widely across all women. A new study of over 600,000 menstrual cycles estimates that only 13 percent of women have a 28-day cycle. That’s a far cry from standard!

About 65% of study participants had cycles between 25-30 days.

The 28-day cycle myth has been taught to women for far too long. It adds needless stress and worry, particularly to those addressing fertility concerns. Understand there is a wide variety of normal.

Once a woman understands her cycle and the variation within it, she can better track and understand her fertility. Understanding ovulation, its timing and its relationship to cycle length, is critical for women to make informed decisions. Also, strongly understanding the menstrual cycle will help women identify abnormal changes which might need follow-up with a doctor.

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