Help! I Want To Eat Well But All Of The Advice Is So Confusing!

We have some advice that applies to most everybody. Eat food. 

But how do you know if it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food?

The idea that food can be either good or bad should be taken out with the compost bin. There is just no such thing as good or bad food. Just food.

We hear you, “but I have read so many articles on the internet that talk about carefully reading nutrition labels, and making the right choices to reduce - sugar - or fat - or carbs - or juice - or nuts - or anything else chosen to be vilified today.”

Well, we have some advice. Eat food, not food service products.

Here is how you tell the difference. 

If it has a label, and a list of ingredients, it probably isn't food. That’s right, a list of ingredients usually means the item you are looking at is a food services product. By that we mean something that may (or may not) have started as food but has been processed to such a degree that it is no longer food.

Let’s discuss examples.

These are carrots. Ingredients: carrots

This is an apple. Ingredients: apple

These are peanuts. Ingredients: peanuts

Fruit is great. It comes packed with vitamins, fibre, and flavour! Best of all, it is conveniently packaged and environmentally friendly.

Vegetables? Yes, that’s food.

Nuts? check. Brown rice? check. 

Vegan tofu burger with bun? Wait. Does it have ingredients? That looks like it could be a food services product rather than food!

Now you get it. Choose food: the less it is processed the better, mostly plants, and local and organic when possible. 

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