Ever Wonder Why Most North Americans Seek Acupuncture Treatment?

We have found the most commonly treated acupuncture indications in the United States (and by extension, probably Canada, maybe)

Acupuncture has been a popular treatment in Canada since at least the late 1970’s. Acupuncture’s positive therapeutic effects on pain have been validated by both basic and clinical research. More recently, acupuncture has emerged as a preferable, effective and unique non-pharmaceutical treatment for pain particularly given the opioid crisis.

A recent study attempted to classify the various and varied reasons that people attend for acupuncture in the United States. The US wide cross-sectional survey of 419 acupuncturists investigated the top 10 and top 99 acupuncture indications in private clinics.  

 The top 10 commonly treated disorders are:

  1. lower back pain

  2. depression

  3. anxiety

  4. headaches

  5. arthritis

  6. allergies

  7. general pain

  8. female infertility

  9. insomnia

  10. neck pain and frozen shoulder

Looking towards the top 99 reasons people visit the acupuncturist, pain represents the largest category of patients, followed by mental health management, especially for mood disorders. In Addition, common disorders include immune system dysfunctions, gastrointestinal diseases, gynecology and neurology.

Our acupuncture and TCM treatments help treat an array of fertility and reproduction related matters. We frequently attend IVF clinics to support retrieval and implantation stages of IVF.

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