What foods to eat and avoid when trying to get pregnant...

The food you eat can affect your fertility.

We are often asked if fertility can be ‘boosted’ by eating specific foods or following a specific diet. As a general rule, we suggest eating a well-balanced diet with a focus on fresh vegetables and fruit. However, food choice is not a one size fits all decision.

We suggest limiting or eliminating these items from your diet:

  • Alcohol

  • Junk food and candy

  • Processed sugars

  • Coffee

  • Processed or bleached foods

  • Canned foods

  • Cold food and drink

  • Ice cream / frozen yogurt

  • Refined / processed oils

  • Large fish (Tuna and Halibut)

  • trans fats

It has been suggested these foods may assist with fertility, but again, consult your health care practitioner to help determine what choices you should make:

  • red, purple and dark green foods

  • berries

  • Pomegranate

  • pumpkin and flax seeds

  • foods that tend to warm

  • emphasis on green vegetables

  • lean meats

  • whole grains

Our acupuncture and TCM treatments help treat an array of fertility and non-fertility related matters. Our naturopathic doctor and TCM practitioners provide diet and lifestyle suggestions to each clients after conducting a one-on-one consultation.