Morning Sex Can Help With Your Fertility

A new study suggests women may be more likely to conceive if they have sex first thing in the morning, and it’s due to male-centric factors.

Recent research suggests men may be more fertility early in the day for many reasons. Researchers reasoned therefore that morning sex may assist some couples to get pregnant more easily.

Possible reasons suggested for the increase in male morning fertility include:

  • changing the time of day you have sex can increase the novelty and make couples more likely to try more often;

  • most people are more well-rested in the morning than in the evening;

  • most men’s sex hormones are at their highest first thing in the morning;

  • trying to conceive in the morning has the chance of catching the tail end of an ovulation window that might otherwise close before bedtime. 

The broad recommendation at this point is for couples to vary the time of day they have sex to increase the odds of conception. This cost-effective and relatively easy change may be just what couples need to conceive.

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Jonah Arnold