Is infertility in women a sign of increased cancer risk?

In a new groundbreaking study, a first of its kind, researchers have discovered that women who have difficulty conceiving have a 10 per cent higher chance of dying prematurely than those able to conceive, and are 45 per cent more likely to die from breast cancer.

The study followed more than 78,000 women for 13 years, 14 per cent of whom reported infertility, an inability to conceive for one year or more.

Researchers uncovered that infertile women have an increased risk of dying from endocrine related diseases such as diabetes and breast cancer.

The study is the first to indicate that failure to have a baby could be a sign of fundamental ill health in women; a link between disease and male infertility as been seen in other studies.

Researchers believe there is a protective effect of women’s health when they have a baby at some point in their life. In the meantime, those who have difficulty conceive ought to consider additional screening for certain cancers.

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Jonah Arnold