Raw Herbs, Powdered Herbs, Patent-Pills and Teas


The practitioners at Total Wellness Centre often prescribe Chinese herbal medicine to our patients. The herbs are often prescribed in their raw form and must be cooked. In addition, concentrated powdered herbs are available. Some of the herbs have a slightly bitter flavour, but as the amount ingested is quite small, most patients tolerate them quite well. By closely adhering to the recommended herbal dosages, a patient can greatly augment or enhance their course of treatment. Please read the cooking instructions for further detail.

We do not store Chinese herbal products onsite. Each prescription is unique for each patient and must be prepared only after careful consultation with each patient. In addition, to ensure freshness and to reduce odour (large quantities of herbs can be pungent), we only have the day’s herbs onsite.

Chinese Herbs can be taken by all age groups from young babies to the elderly, though you must notify your practitioner if you are also taking other medicines, suffer from allergies, other conditions or are pregnant as this may effect your treatment and prescription.