Chinese Herbal Medicine - Custom Prescriptions

How Do We Determine What Herbs Are Included In Your Prescription?

Chinese Herbs, TCM Total Wellness CentreThe practitioner completes a series of traditional Chinese diagnostic techniques (including taking the pulses, observing the tongue colouration and coating, observing and palpating the body, asking questions) and considers the patient's overall symptoms, including the state of illness, the patient’s gender, age, and constitution, the current season and other relevant circumstances. The Chinese practitioner starts a prescription with the guidelines as delineated in classical texts, and personal experience, to form a basic prescription. The practitioner then adjusts the mixture to the patients' needs by adding or deleting various herbs, or manipulating the dosages of the compounds to fit the precise disharmony. A prescription usually contains 5-15 substances and the dosages average 3-15 grams per herb.

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About Chinese Herbs
The practitioners at Total Wellness Centre often prescribe Chinese herbal medicine to our patients. Some of the herbs have a slightly bitter flavour, but as the amount ingested is quite small, most patients tolerate them quite well. By closely adhering to the recommended herbal dosages, a patient can greatly augment or enhance their course of treatment.

What is TCM?
The term "Chinese Medicine" refers to a number of practices, especially
acupuncture and herbal formulas and their theoretical basis. Chinese Medicine also includes Tuina/Shiatsu massage therapy, diet counselling and modification, and lifestyle counselling.
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