Chinese Herbal Reference Guide

Chinese Herb Compendium

In the years 2004-2005, Total Wellness Centre undertook the collection of a list of commonly prescribed herbs and information for you from various sources. There are more than 4000 prescribed herbs that TCM practitioners have at their disposal. About half-way through the collection project, Total Wellness staff realized too much time was being spent on the reference guide. Our time is better spent with our wonderful patients and supporting our practitioners and doctors. It is with sadness, on the one hand, and delight on the other, that we can point you to online resources which fulfil this important task. Total Wellness has very complete resources onsite within their clinics should you wish to review any herbs while at our clinics.

Total Wellness Centre will be happy to schedule you for a consultation to discuss any herbal remedies.

About Chinese Herbs
The practitioners at Total Wellness Centre often prescribe Chinese herbal medicine to our patients. Some of the herbs have a slightly bitter flavour, but as the amount ingested is quite small, most patients tolerate them quite well. By closely adhering to the recommended herbal dosages, a patient can greatly augment or enhance their course of treatment.

What is TCM?
The term "Chinese Medicine" refers to a number of practices, especially
acupuncture and herbal formulas and their theoretical basis. Chinese Medicine also includes Tuina/Shiatsu massage therapy, diet counselling and modification, and lifestyle counselling.
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