Ensuring a Healthy Pregnancy

TCM During Your Pregnancy

Healthy PregnancyTraditional Chinese Medical treatments during pregnancy benefits both mother and child. Those who are pregnant and are experiencing difficulties such as excessive and prolonged morning sickness, back and pelvis pain, breech position, and other problems should consider a consultation with one of our experienced Chinese medicine practitioners.

In addition, those who have become pregnant by alternative means such as IVF or IUI should consider ongoing checkups with our Chinese medicine practitioners to ensure the healthiest and most problem free pregnancy possible.

Moxibustion and acupuncture are an effective treatment to induce labour naturally. After just two to three short sessions, labour can be naturally induced, safely. Pharmaceuticals such as Pitocin (oxytocin) can be avoided, and stress to both mother and child can be minimized. Speak to our practitioners about scheduling your appointment close to your due date.

What is moxibustion (moxa) and how do we apply it?

For more information about how moxa is used to treat breech babies, please click here. Clicking this link will open a new browser window (you will be directed away from Total Wellness Centre's website). We are not responsible for the advice given on third party websites, including this website. Always check with your health care professional before commencing any treatment, particularly at home.

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Is it Safe?
Our highly experienced and trained practitioners and doctors have treated countless pregnant women. While there are a few points to avoid, acupuncture is safe during pregnancy. Most women find the relief provided by an experienced acupuncturist to be truly a great experience.

Our aim at Total Wellness Centre
Our aim is to help you conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. There are many causes of infertility. We have extensive experience treating patients with a large variety of fertility and reproductive disorders. Our patients include people with:
  • breech presentation (breach position)
  • pregnancy related back pain
  • excessive water retention during pregnancy
  • high FSH
  • age related infertility
  • history of Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections leading to infertility
  • damaged ovaries
  • hormone imbalances
  • unexplained infertility
  • high stress levels
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