Thank you for your help and encouragement. After 3 miscarriages, I didn’t think being pregnant for a full term was possible. You made it possible!
The ‘C’ family, Toronto, Ontario.
I appreciate everything you and Total Wellness Centre did for me last year (yucky herbs and all!). R- is sweet (and photogenic), born May 2. Thank you.
Stefanie, Toronto, Ontario
With your help, dedication and guidance we now have our second child, K. Thank you for your help and caring in helping us to have two beautiful children.
Doug F, Kim F, Vaughan, Ontario
Thanks to Linda cannot nearly express what you have done for us. Your expertise, knowledge, and experience are truly a gift. Sincerely and with much gratitude,
Jennifer OXOXO, Toronto, Ontario
Every time I look at my tummy I think of you guys at Total Wellness Centre.
Na-, Toronto, Ontario
Thank you for taking such good care of us and helping us to conceive, nurture and deliver our precious S-! All the best to you and all those in your care.
Love K, S., S., Toronto, Ontario



Chinese Medicine in Toronto“中医”一词指的是一系列诊疗手段,尤其是针灸与中草药配方及其理论基础。中医还包括推拿/指压按摩疗法、饮食辅导与控制以及生活方式辅导等。传统意义上的中医学理论就是一个关于自然、健康与疾病的理论。这种理论的几种内在因素为:

  • 阴阳
  • 三才
  • 五行
  • 八纲
  • 十四经络




近代历史中的科学理论与调查让我们对生理机制有了更深入的了解,可以有助于提高针灸的疗效,并加深我们对于中草药学药理基础的理解。然而,这种整体疗法的统一框架却是在中国与许多亚洲国家,经过5000多年的 应用,不断发展与完善起来的。

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