Thank you for your help and encouragement. After 3 miscarriages, I didn’t think being pregnant for a full term was possible. You made it possible!
The ‘C’ family, Toronto, Ontario.
I appreciate everything you and Total Wellness Centre did for me last year (yucky herbs and all!). R- is sweet (and photogenic), born May 2. Thank you.
Stefanie, Toronto, Ontario
With your help, dedication and guidance we now have our second child, K. Thank you for your help and caring in helping us to have two beautiful children.
Doug F, Kim F, Vaughan, Ontario
Thanks to Linda cannot nearly express what you have done for us. Your expertise, knowledge, and experience are truly a gift. Sincerely and with much gratitude,
Jennifer OXOXO, Toronto, Ontario
Every time I look at my tummy I think of you guys at Total Wellness Centre.
Na-, Toronto, Ontario
Thank you for taking such good care of us and helping us to conceive, nurture and deliver our precious S-! All the best to you and all those in your care.
Love K, S., S., Toronto, Ontario


徐兆珙, 针灸学博士、现代中医师、中国医学学士

Chinese Medicine in Toronto 徐兆珙中医是一位在中外多个国家拥有超过三十年中医临床诊疗经验的高年资医师。徐针灸师在中医范畴的内外妇儿各领域都有很深的造诣,尤其擅长男女两性的不孕不育症治疗。



徐医师本人是加拿大中医针灸协会的注册会员,不仅如此,徐医师的家族也拥有很强的中医背景,徐医师的姐姐和姐夫们都从事中医医学临床工作。我们非常有幸徐医师能成为Total Wellness Centre 团队的一员。徐医师很乐于将他拥有的专业知识服务于多伦多及其周边有需要的人们,更渴望将他对健康的激情及生命的热爱与您分享。

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